My name is Cassie, I am a 32 year old woman who has bipolar disorder, mother of 3, auntie, lover, sister, daughter and friend. Can be funny, serious, responsible, irresponsible, outgoing yet shy, happy and sad. Nutty, whacky, quirky and well just me. I have lived with bipolar affective disorder all my adult life, and suffered from childhood depression for as long as I can remember. My aim is to raise awareness about this disorder so the vulnerable don't have to suffer in silence, like I had to for many years.

Why did I call this blog diary of a certified nutter

A comment has grabbed my attention and I want to be able to address it and provide an answer publicly. Some people may wonder why I have put myself down by calling my blog site "Diary of a certified nutter" If people are using the word "nutter" in a derogatory way then this becomes offensive. BUT this is not what I am doing. Here's my answer: I am a self confessed nutter even without bipolar disorder!!!! lol. Even without symptoms of BP I have a quirky sense of humour (very english) I do the silliest of things and can come across and be very dizzy. I love to laugh at myself not the illness but myself as a woman and life. I think humour is very important, and laughter has kept me going when facing some negative symptoms of this disorder. There are many "nutter's" in life who do not have a mental health disorder, infact many of them are in english politics lol, only kidding. I am certified hense the title certified nutter. This title also catches people's attention, they come to my site and there they see that not is all is at it seems. This is the way I am raising awareness about bipolar disorder. I work tirelessly on my fb page, blog and free internet support service on a voluntary basis for no other reason than to educate people about bipolar disorder, the last thing I would want to do is alienate someone further by making fun out of their mental heath. However I do want to clarify that making fun or bullying someone just because they have a mental health disorder is ghastly and should not be tolerated. This is not what I am doing.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New and improved website, working with Global Mental Health Awareness to raise added awareness

Hi everyone,

I have not posted in such a very long time. This is why:

With the great success from this blog I decided to write and design a new website called Global Mental Health Awareness. This covers information about all mental health disorders, coping techniques, and my experiences living with a mental health illness. I also facilitate GMHA's Facebook page too, also with family commitments, health issues plus lots more I have been very busy to say the least.

I have now stopped writing here on my blog. However I am still writing on my new and improved website Global Mental Health Awareness @

You can also join Global Mental Health Awareness on Facebook, it would be great to see you there

This blog site will eventually  become archived and the new website will take over.

Take care, stay safe and be happy :) xxxx

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